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Dear Friend:  I've got good news and bad news...

I've got good news and bad news for you...

First, the bad news:

FACT: In a typical sales encounter, 80% of prospects will say, "No" to your sales offer. During tough economic times, this can reach as high as 90% or even 95%. (I'll bet you already know this from experience, don't you?).

But here's the good news:

You know those rare salespeople who, despite fierce competition, rack up incredible numbers? You know the ones… the economy is bad and theirs is the highest-priced product in the category -- yet they sell and sell and then sell some more.

Rain or shine, they can sell like crazy. They just don't have a slow month, week or even day. And what's more -- they make it look easy. Do you know why? Because it is easy -- if you know how.

Selling will become easy for you, too, after I help you make a few tiny adjustments
in the way you talk to customers.

You'll be able to close a high percentage of your sales easily and without the struggle, frustration and rejection that you've experienced in the past.

Here's a short story that will make the concept crystal clear for you. It's about an awesome strategy developed my first sales trainer who, a few years ago, traveled throughout North America selling for the famous Nightingale Conant company.

Before the end of his second year, he was the company's top-selling salesman -- and the recipient of sales prizes and awards galore. He was constantly approached and asked, "How is it that you can sell so much more than everyone else? Please tell us your secret."

He said it was simple.

"Make sure that you have made at least one sales call before 9:00 a.m. every work

It was almost too simple. But his explanation was that he had formed the habit of doing the one thing that "failures don't like to do."

That one strategy catapulted him to the top of the sales heap.

Here is something else to think about, something you may have thought about before but didn't realize had a name. It's called the Pareto Principle.

It's a principal that was formulated by Dr. Joseph Juran (of total quality management fame) based on the work of Wilfredo Pareto, a nineteenth century economist and sociologist.

The Pareto Principle states that "a small number of causes is responsible for a large percentage of the effect --usually a 20-percent to 80-percent ratio."

I'm sure you've figured out where I'm going with this: 80% of all sales are made by 20% of the salespeople.

When you make it to the top 20%, you'll be earning a very comfortable income. But when you take it up a notch and join the top 20% of the top 20% of sales professionals -- I'll do the math for you: you are now in the top 3% of all salespeople -- you've reached a height few people see.

How big is the gap between your current income and one of the highest incomes on the planet? Remember… the razors edge.

Your razors edge is nothing more than a marginal improvement to your regular sales process. The key to success is to develop that edge -- because once you develop it, there is no reason why you cannot move rapidly into that coveted top 3% slot.

How can such a marginal improvement give you that kind of boost?

Because one extra sale equals 10 years' worth of extra income.

In an effort to increase the sales of its insurance products, a company offered a Caribbean vacation to everyone who met the pre-determined sales quota.

As you can imagine, each November the salespeople sold like crazy and, as a result, a tremendous number of them qualified for two weeks in the sun.

Here's what was interesting about this increase: On average, the salespeople were selling three new clients per week. During the contest period, they sold to four new clients per week.

The company pointed out that just one more sale per week would put all of them in the prize-winning category all year long instead of just in November. This translates into to 10 extra years of income over a 40-year career!

Absolutely astounding, isn't it?

Now, you do the math for your particular industry -- how much more money would you be earning if you had an extra sale per day, per week or per month? How would your life change with that kind of income?

Okay, you're probably saying, "Yeah, but I'd have to work like a slave to make that extra sale."

Born and raised at the famed Calumet Farms, a gelding named "Armed" had purse earnings of $817,475. He was, in a word, incredible. At the age of 4 he came into his own, winning 10 of 15 starts. And that wasn't his best year! He eventually went on to be named Horse of the Year.

Another horse, which ran the same races as Armed, won about $75,000. That's a difference of 10 to 1. Does that mean that the Armed was 10 times better than the second horse?

Of course not. In fact, Armed often won by just a nose.

When their records were compared, they found that Armed was only about 3% to 4% faster in time. That difference, however, translated into income that was ten times higher.

This same amazing principle can hold true for you -- you need be only 3% to 4% better than the next  site or sales rep, yet earn 10 times more money. Imagine what would happen if you were 10% or 20% better!

Do you want to get the edge I've been describing? Do you want to achieve a double-digit advantage over other sales professionals and reap immeasurable financial rewards.

Then stay tuned because I want to tell you how I can turn you into an unstoppable sales machine in 180 minutes flat.

I have created a program I call Face to Face Selling Mastery and I am willing to share it with you.

Who am I to tell you how to accomplish this?

I have created more than 1000 online training programs; I've authored 40 books and my ideas and approaches are used successfully by money makers and sales professionals around the globe.

As a salesman, I began setting sales records at my first sales job. I've rehearsed sales presentations in parking lots, I've eaten on the run, I've made more cold-calls and spent more time sitting in unfriendly waiting rooms than I care to remember. And I've learned how to close those once-in-a-lifetime sales most people just dream about.

Yes, I've had and continue to have a great sales career -- this is no time to be modest! -- but more important than that, I've gone on to become one of the most successful sellers of mid-market Sales Force Automation Software in North America. On top of that, I have logged the two largest single sales in the manufacturer's history.

In my 5 Module 55 Video course entitled, "Face to Face Selling Mastery" I've packed into all the powerful, proven sales ideas and strategies that have taken me 25 years to research, develop and perfect. Every single one of them is positively explosive.

The information you'll find is "real sales training for non manipulative professionals", the same material taught in one of my three-day seminars for which people pay well over a thousand dollars.

Now, you can have the same sales blueprint condensed into 180 minutes of fast-moving stories, examples, humor and concrete, practical ideas that get results fast!

And, because you can view it online it's never been easier!

  • How much would you pay for this kind of insight?
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Given that seminar participants have paid $1,495 for this information, then how on earth can I make "Face To Face Selling Mastery" available to you for only $97?

Here's why: Thanks to the wonders whiteboards and video software, the cost to produce the online video is relatively small -- and there are no handling and shipping costs involved in letting you immediately access the videos. I simply wanted to pass along the savings -- you can now learn how to Master Face to Face Selling for a very modest investment of $97.

What Is Your Story…

Companies like Google, Yahoo, APPLE, Microsoft and IBM spends hundreds of  illions of dollars every year to train its sales people because company executives now that even if they have the best products in the world, if the sales force cannot sell them, the company is not going to be successful.

National retailers with hundreds of stores each spend millions annually on sales training programs in an effort to improve sales.

As you read this, you begin to understand why you can't afford to waste any more time getting less than everything your sales career has to offer. You are on the brink of acquiring a tool so valuable that others have paid thousands for it.

It's easy to learn and you'll learn it quickly -- and it's guaranteed to mean the difference between mediocre and mega-earnings.

Earlier on, I asked you the question: If I had a way to virtually guarantee your sales success -- and teach you how to sell 50% to 100% of all your prospects -- are you willing to spend an entertaining 180 minutes to learn it?

Since you're still reading this, I'm going to assume you answered YES. But saying YES isn't quite enough. I've shown you how "Speed Selling" can deliver on that promise; I've shown you my first-rate credentials; I've shown you the rave reviews -- now is the time to act.

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